Newborn healing + bonding bath

Guided therapy sessions post a difficult, disappointing or traumatic birth

Not all women experience a beautiful birth followed by rest and bonding with their baby...

How about you?

Was your birth difficult, stressful, or disappointing?
Are you having unwanted emotions about your birth?
Did you and your baby miss out on bonding due to a separation after birth?
Have you lost the connection with your baby or not yet found? 
Is your baby very unsettled or crying a lot for no apparent reason?

This is where I can help

The ‘Healing and Bonding Bath’ after Brigitte Meissner can be a valuable first aid measure after a difficult or traumatic birth. This special bath intensifies the bonding between mother and her baby and supports healing on an emotional level.

Your birth story doesn’t have to be disappointing

The Healing and Bonding bath can be done in the first few days after the birth or even weeks later. It is a beautiful ritual that can help you and baby rewrite your story, building love and trust from within.

Who does this help?

The Healing & Bonding Bath can of course be carried out after any type of birth. However, it is particularly helpful under the following conditions:

  • Caesarean Section Birth
  • Suction Cup Birth
  • Forceps Birth
  • Rapid or endlessly long birth process
  • Premature Birth
  • Separation of mother and baby after birth
  • Difficult start with breastfeeding and general breastfeeding difficulties
  • Strong baby blues
  • Postpartum depression 
  • Absence of motherly feeling
  • Highly recommended bonding experience with adopted baby

During the Healing and Bonding Bath mothers learn...

How to bath their baby in a way that builds trust and love from within
How to read their baby’s unique body language ‘what is he/she telling me’? 
How to support their baby’s emotional wellbeing
Getting tools to honour and cope with your own strong emotions

You will also learn how to do the ‘Healing and Bonding Bath’ by yourselves. This is important because bonding unfolds for the mother and the baby best through repeated sessions. 

How does it work?

The Healing and Bonding Bath session consists of two parts. 

It starts with a guided ‘Healing Dialog’ between mother and baby and/or a movement therapy session as the first essential step towards healthy bonding and healing on an emotional level. 

The second part, the Bonding Bath, recreates the familiar and safe environment that the baby had while being in mum’s womb followed by the moment after birth when the newborn is placed on the mother’s bare chest while still wet. Making up for and repeating this special moment is an important healing and calming experience for babies and mothers. 

When babies are born normally, as well as after the H & B bath, they show an increased desire to suckle. And if your baby is still breastfeeding your baby will automatically search for the breast. Supporting babies primal suckle instinct often resolves previous breastfeeding issue. If the baby is bottle feeding, the primal instinct can still be supported, however, a bottle should be prepared in advance.

What do you need...

  • Time… Plan for approximately 2 hours of your time
  • An undisturbed atmosphere is the basic prerequisite for starting the Healing and Bonding Bath
  • The room should be pleasantly warm
  • A comfortable place to rest (lying down) 
  • Two soft bath towels for your baby
  • Warm tap water for the bath 
  • Breastfeeding or a prepared bottle for feeding the baby afterwards
  • If desired, invite a support person

You do not need any special additives for the bath and in fact, they are to be avoided. At birth, newborns baby have a strong sense of smell. During the first few weeks after the birth it is preferred for the baby to familiarise themselves with their mother's unique scent. 

How much does it cost?

This package includes your first phone consultation (which is complimentary), travel time of up to 30mins each way, 2+ hours for the Healing & Bonding Bath to take place (this is not rushed and will go over time if necessary), and a follow up phone consultation. 


A few things to note

The H & B Bath cannot be done in a rigid timeframe and may take longer than expected. However, from my experience the H&B Bath takes approximately 2 hours. 

The first ‘Healing and Bonding Bath’ might evoke stronger emotions (positive and unwanted) in the mother and baby which will be allowed and gently guided. Only in this way can this special session develop its full heartfelt healing effect.  

It would be of high value for the mother and the baby to repeat the Healing and Bonding Bath at least 3 times (if you wish, more often) at approximately weekly intervals. In this way it can optimise its profound effect. 


(German book) Emotionale Narben aus Schwangerschaft und Geburt auflösen: Mutter-Kind-Bindungen heilen oder unterstützen – in jedem Alter. Eigenverlag.

Translation: Meissner, B. (2013). "Dissolve emotional scars from pregnancy and childbirth"
Healing and supporting mother-child bond. 

"Being pregnant and having a baby isn’t an overnight experience; it is the beginning of a process of transformation that includes physical, emotional and personal growth."

Sabina Just

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