One-On-One Coaching

Individual or couples coaching sessions are an option for women and couples who prefer one-on-one time, or can’t make it to any of the workshops. They’re also a great for anyone with special needs or circumstances. 

The sessions contain the information covered in group courses, they also address your specific needs – what matters to you most and what you want to make or see happen.

I see the sessions as holistic, meaning that they aren’t focused solely on your pregnancy or upcoming birth. They also consider the environment in which you live, consider possible challenges you might experience during pregnancy, discover your beliefs regarding childbirth, and may review what you eat and the way you might (or might not) exercise.

All these aspects can play a role in how you feel – emotionally and physically – and in how you set yourself up to welcome your child the way you dreamed.

​What to expect from our first session

After an initial phone conversation, I will meet you at a place of your choice either at my practice rooms or at your home. We will spend some time in review, perhaps going over your pregnancy history and possible health concerns. We would then move onto your ideas, hopes or concerns about your upcoming birth, and your expectations or challenges about parenthood. Finally, you will leave the session with a step-by-step agreed plan and support options for the weeks ahead.  

The session will finish when you have reached a level of confidence to move forward. I don’t believe that real learning and growth can be squeezed into a structured timeframe. However, from experience this will usually be reached around the 1.5- to 2-hour mark. 

What ever matters to you is important to me. You, your baby, and the wellbeing of your family/whanau count most. My aim is for you to leave our session with a clear plan that will ensure your goals and dreams have a real chance of becoming reality.


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