Pillow Talk by Sabina

'Pillow Talk' is a custom designed pillow created by Sabina and made here in New Zealand. It supports the most comfortable sleep during pregnancy and a relaxing time while nurturing your baby. They are perfect for nourishing twins or as a family pillow.

Why Do We Use Certified Organic Wool?

Certified Organic Wool from New Zealand is unique, complies with ecological and biological standards, and poses no health risks. The raw material originates from New Zealand sheep, organically raised in the South Island. This material is processed without detergents, dyes or other irritating substances. The resulting wool, renowned for its high quality, is probably the purest wool in the world. It contains just enough lanolin to maintain the wool’s natural characteristics.

Our wool has been washed several times and meets highly certified organic standards. The wool is considered to be hypo-allergenic. The high quality wool fibres with their spring-like structure give the pillow a very soft touch.

Superior characteristics of the wool are the ability to support temperature regulation, absorb humidity and balance moisture. However, to keep your wool pillow soft and fluffy a little bit of special care is needed.

Why Do We Use Chemical Free EPS Beads?

Chemical-free EPS micro beads are an easy-care filling material and they are most comfortable for pregnancy and feeding baby.   The pillow is highly adaptable, keeping its shape and the body postures of mum and baby stable (pressure distribution). It is durable, hygienic, and affordable. The beads we use are as fine as sand, light in weight, as well as certified toxic-free. Pillows with this material are ideal for people with little time. Pillows filled with chemical-free EPS micro beads are easy to maintain: Simply put them into the washing machine, dry and shake them, and they are ready for use again. Chemical-free super fine EPS micro beads are a bestseller for maternity and nursing pillows in Europe.


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