Sabina Just

I was born in Germany and have had more than 40 years’ experience in midwifery and nursing. I have studied and worked in nursing, naturopathy and acupuncture, movement therapy, midwifery and, of course, birth preparation coaching, which is now my passion. I also have a Masters in Midwifery (Research) from the University of Technology, Sydney. Currently I'm a PhD student at Auckland University of Technology. 

What career experiences have brought you to where you are now?

For the first 20 years of my occupational life, I worked as an ICU nurse. I was fascinated by the intensity of the work, and the one-on-one care it required. Over months of caring for the same person, often without talking as many of the patients were on life-support machines, I observed their body language and learned about their personal preferences, their strengths and their needs. 

Later, I shifted the intensity and one-on-one care to working as a midwife in acute gynecology in the birthing unit, caring for women who miscarried, or who chose to terminate a pregnancy, and supporting those who, heartbreakingly, had to birth a stillborn baby. 

I also studied movement therapist, worked with pregnant women, people in transitional and I spending a lot of time with children with special needs. In between, I studied three years naturopathy and acupuncture – just to have a basic understanding of how both work.

My early desire to help individuals going through major transitions in life has grown into a passion for helping women have a smooth transition into motherhood. I know how seeds of hope or fear of the unknown can be transformed into faith and self-confidence. 

Being pregnant and having a baby is not an overnight experience; it is the beginning of a process of transformation that includes physical, emotional and personal growth.

And personally?

I am a proud mum of a young man named Leon. When I was raising my boy, I also was highly involved in raising three children of my best friend. Over the years those children became close to me and I feel blessed that I always felt being a (step) mum of at least three children. 

I live in a light-filled house in Titirangi, Auckland, with a lovely view across the Manukau Harbour. I’m currently in the middle of a renovation, and I love the creativity of it. I also love the challenge of new projects – such as tackling my garden – and enjoy going to the gym, biking and travelling.

Expec+ing Workshops

For a fulfilling pregnancy and positive parenting in a supportive environment.

One-On-One Coaching

Customised birth-preparation coaching sessions.

Healing & Bonding Bath

To assist the healing process for yourself and your baby after a difficult or traumatic birth.

'Pillow Talk' Maternity Pillow

Designed by Sabina, this pillow supports the most comfortable sleep during pregnancy and a relaxing time while nurturing your baby.


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