Upcoming Auckland Workshops

Times and dates are dependent on Alert Levels. Please get in touch to register your interest.

Full Weekend | $475

The workshop is a truly immersive experience in a supportive environment, dedicated to you and your birth. It prepares you physically and emotionally for labour and birth, helping you to transform your fear to self-confidence. It also offers insight into the first few days of living with a newborn baby.

Relax and enjoy your pregnancy!

Four Evenings | $260

This workshop takes place over four evenings and is designed to help you and your partner discover everything you need for a fulfilling pregnancy and positive parenting.

The first and last evenings are for mothers and birth partners. Evenings two and three are for women only.

Can't make it to a workshop?

Make a one-on-one appointment with Sabina at a time and place that is convenient for you to cover this info and any needs you have individually. Please get in touch below.

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